Caption speech in real time, even with face coverings

Built for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, Live Transcribe's advanced transcription engine converts your conversations to text quickly and easily.

By the numbers


five-star reviews

38.2 million

minutes transcribed

5.1 million


Powerful transcription
for every conversation

All it takes is one tap to
start transcribing.

Built for simplicity and ease of use, we make it easy to focus on what matters—your conversations and the people in them.

Customize the view
to fit your needs.

We give you options, so words on the screen are easy to read no matter what environment you find yourself in.

What else can you do with Live Transcribe?

Type responses in app

Type text in the app during real-time conversations

Connect external mics

Capture audio input from whatever device suits your needs

Save your transcripts

Export a record of your conversations for later

Use offline anywhere

Transcribe whether or not your device is online

Flip text 180°

Keep text readable no matter where you’re pointing the mic

Use with 50+ languages

Caption conversations in dozens of languages

Thousands of five-star reviews

Thousands of people are already benefitting from using Live Transcribe every day. See what they're saying!

I love this Live Transcribe app!!
Liz B T

Mom and I tried it and are elated that it works so well! I am going to tell EVERYONE about this app--especially her doctors and dentists!! My sister's going to put it on her iPad. We're SO excited, you'd think it was Christmas!! Thank you for making our lives so much easier!!

The deaf can👂

I used it for the first time at a doctors appointment, and was able to read what my doctor was saying. Which was great being that I am completely deaf. Please continue to improve this app it's a blessing for the deaf world. My doctor also added the app to use for her HOH patients.👍


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